Experience The Breathtaking And Peaceful Kumarakom Lake Resort

Ever closed your eyes and wished for wings, to take you away. To a land breathtakingly beautiful, peacefully serene and wholesomely pristine?
Well, dreams have the uncanny ability of coming true. Especially when you arrive at the Kumarakom Lake Resort. On the banks of lake Vembanad, the emerald backwaters formed by the confluence of the Pampa and Meenachil Rivers.
You have a choice of 50 double-bedded centrally air-conditioned traditional cottages doting the 25 acres of greenery. Serving 250 guests per day.
Each ethnic cottage overlooks silvery canals, punctuated with translucent lotuses, slicing the front yard. Or the mesmerising Vembanad itself. Each cottage painstakingly restored and relocated from ‘Illums` (homesteads of yore), immerse you in the splendour and grandeur of Kerala`s magnificent history.
Kerala, at the southern edge of India is a 38,863 sq km canvas. Here with a lavish divine palette, God created a cultural paradise with a fascinating mosaic of people who call themselves Malayalees.
A land criss-crossed by endless backwaters, where flocks of waddling brown ducks roam and schools of silver fish play.
Swaying emerald palms weave their shadows on the backwaters. Cormorants that dive into sparkling ripples. The songs of the Myna punctuate the stillness. And life floats by in serenity.
A sprawling coastline of pristine beaches and hills blanketed by invigorating, heady tea coffee and rubber plantations.
A sprawling coastline of pristine beaches and hills blanketed by invigorating, heady tea coffee and rubber plantations.
Glide into gently into the heart of our land in a Kettuvallam. Cruise reservoirs of peace and harmony. Read poetry wafting in the breeze. Refresh your mind and soul.
Splendidly beautiful, remarkably diverse, astonishingly rich, Kerala is in essence, God`s own Country.

Your stay at the Kumarakom Lake Resort is sure to revitalise your life. Not only will you be more relaxed, you can find yourself more confident, more youthful. With the wonders of Ayurveda, you can discover yourself. The Vedic science activates the human body, mind and soul in unity.
There is a certain green energy in the landscape that cools the eyes. The oil massages rejuvenate you. The aptly selected herbal diets replenish you and the meditation recharges you.
And then there is the soothing ancient remedy of Ayurveda, combined with Yoga and Meditation. The oil massages are rejuvenates you. The aptly selected herbal diets replenish you. And meditation recharges you. Yoga regimens make your body supple and strong.
Its time to discover what more life has to give you apart from the usual material successes. Come discover life anew in Kerala. At Kumarakom. This is the time. This is the place. Come get nourished body, mind and soul!
For further information please visit Kumarakom Lake Resort on www.klresort.com.