Fresh Food For The Skin

The Body Deli - Botanical Facial Masques, Fresh Face Foundation, Botanical Butter Scrubs, Gourmet Facial Delicacies, 100% All Natural Products - For The Love of Nature.
There`s no need to travel the world looking for the coolest beauty products. The Body Deli in Palm Desert, California serves up the finest freshly made 100% all natural botanical, bath, body & face products available.
Parker and Margaret Skarin, founders of The Body Deli, create all the stuff by hand. “We are totally thrilled that our concept of fresh handmade deli style beauty care products which started out as a mom and pop shop has attracted so much attention,” says Parker.
“The difference between our products compared to everything else on the market is like comparing canned food to freshly picked. The live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients of the botanical ingredients are at their peak of potency, delivering superior results in the nourishment, general health and appearance of the skin.”

When you walk into The Body Deli in Palm Desert you are reminded of Old World Europe. Deli cases serve up organic handmade soaps, such as White Chocolate and Mint Julep, sold by weight. In an old-fashioned ice cream cabinet, body scrubs such as Rocky Rose and Orange Sherbet are served by the pint, pint or quart. All products are made fresh daily without the use of synthetic preservatives or chemicals.
The Body Deli serves up the freshest, most nourishing facial masks in the industry. All masks have expiration dates written on the containers and must be kept refrigerated.
Go beyond the sea with the Body Deli`s Sea Plasma Masque, an ultra concentrated hydrating mask infused with Kelp, Chlorella, Blue Green Algea and Spirulina designed to help hydrate the skin, leading to a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance. Fresh cucumber is added for its refreshing & soothing properties.
The Body Deli`s gourmet products and fresh, simple packaging appeal to men too. “We have developed quite a large male clientele,” says Parker, “our male customers include construction workers, swat team members and firefighters, to name a few.”
“Hot in Hollywood” as labeled by In Style magazine, fans of The Body Deli include Alicia Silverstone and Christian Slater.
The Body Deli is proud to participate in this years 31st Annual American Music Awards. Performers & presenters alike will receive The Body Deli`s hottest selling connection, Spanish Fly Body Lotion, along with other top-secret Body Deli goodies. “Spanish Fly is our aphrodisiac blend, it is a favorite amongst the celebrities.” says Parker.

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