Create Your Own Spa At Home With Temple Spa Products

Every good spa experience begins by creating the right ambiance.  Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and turn off the phones! 
In preparation for your spa evening mix a table spoon of salt with “Drift Away” massage oil ready for your body exfoliation and slice yourself a couple of slices of cucumber. 
To start the relaxation process, drizzle a cap full of “Drift Away” bath oil into a tub of warm water.  Whilst soaking up the steam now is the time to cleanse the skin with one our selection of cleansers the steam will have opened up the pores and encourages a deep cleanse. 
If your skin is feeling a bit frazzled I would particularly recommend the “Be Gone” cleanser which is packed with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients for the skin. 
The next step to your spa experience is to get rid of the build up of dead skin cells on the face.  Our “Power Breakfast” is full of all the ingredients you would hope to find in a good healthy breakfast, oatmeal, honey, strawberry, papaya and lots more goodies. 
This product is mildly abrasive so while you skin is still damp from rinsing away your cleanser take a spatula full of product and massage it into the skin avoiding the eyes.  Because this product makes a good mask get the full benefit by relaxing back and letting it get to work on your skin for 10 minutes, you will really feel the difference!
!  Now that you have started to unwind rinse away the “Power Breakfast” and like any good facial now is the time for a relaxing facial massage.  “Repose” resting cream is perfect for these slumber moments.  With a clean face apply a liberal amount and with upward movements give yourself a rejuvenating face massage.  Massage is great for increasing circulation which feeds the skin, toning muscles and relaxing the mind.
As the “Repose” starts to sink in, you sink back, close your eyes, pop on your cucumber slices and let the beautiful and calming aroma of Repose really start to relax your mind.  Your tub is probably cooling off so before you get cold now is a good time to give yourself an all over body exfoliation. 
This is best done stood up in the bath with the salt mixture you previously mixed up.  Take a liberal amount and massage it into each body part.  Don’t be too rough the texture of the salt will do all the hard work.  Once every inch has been softened and exfoliated shower off and wrap yourself in a nice warm fluffy robe. 
Your face and body should be feeling wonderfully soft and ready for some nourishment and hydration.  “Be Calm” is my favourite face mask, with lots of soothing and calming ingredients. 
Take a good teaspoon full and apply with your finger tips to your face and neck, you can even go quite close up to the eyes its so gentle!  While “Be Calm” is doing all its good work lather yourself in All in All our hydrating body lotion which will leave your skin feeling and smelling gorgeous.
After 10 minutes rinse away the mask and tone over the skin with “Toning Essence”.  Take a small amount of “Be Strong Serum” designed to strengthen your skin and help fight against the damaging environment and then finish with an application of one of our moisturisers. 
You should be feeling completely pampered and relaxed by now but if you are destined for a night out on the tiles two to three spitz of our “G Force” energizer on the tongue and you will be ready to dance the night away.
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