Lotus Lifestyle

This Autumn sees the launch of Lotus Lifestyle, the first of an international chain of yoga centres that offers individuals the chance to develop and practice yoga and meditation in the tranquil and peaceful environment of Chelsea Harbour, London.
The concept of Lotus Lifestyle was devised by Gisli Larusson, a former insurance broker and entrepreneur who spent 25 years initiating successful ventures in the corporate world.
After taking up his own personal practice, Gisli found yoga empowered him, giving him clear direction on his life.  His ethos for the Lotus Lifestyle is that ‘we personally have to be the change that we want to see in the world’.

Lotus Lifestyle offers the latest yoga techniques including Lotus sweat, an hour-long yoga form of 26 sequences which takes place in a heated studio.
The warmth allows the muscle groups to bend and stretch more easily achieving deep postural alignment and detoxification, it is also an excellent technique for aiding the loss of excess weight and body cleansing.
Lotus are pleased to offer members the chance to clean up after the class in luxurious shower facilities or even a steam or sauna.
Lotus also offers a brand new concept of yoga ‘Rope Yoga’ and are to be the first and only organisation outside of the USA to host this beautiful fusion.
Other practices include:




Lotus meditation


Lotus Dynamic

For more information please visit www.lotuslifestyle.com.