Colourful Spices For Cape Grace Spa

In line with the hotelå‘s passion to surprise and delight, the new and original Spa at Cape Grace offers a tranquil environment of African influence treatments in surroundings rich with colours reflecting local cultures and history.
Located at the southern end of the building, on the top floor, The Spa offers magnificent views overlooking Table Mountain, the city and yacht marina, with treatment rooms opening to the outdoors, creating a unique and inspiring feeling of space and harmony with nature.
With Cape Town being the midway point of the spice trade route between Europe and the East from the early part of the 15th century, The Spa at Cape Grace reflects this culture and colour in its décor and ambience.
Interiors, themed around the exotic characters of paprika, saffron and vanilla to mention but a few, will reflect the warm oranges, deep browns and golden hues associated with the romance of hot and colourful spices.
The internationally acclaimed professional skincare range, Académie, has been chosen to complement The Spa’s select range of treatments.  These include the conventional spa therapies as well as traditional African techniques taken from generations of healing remedies.
Drawing inspiration from the Khoi San culture, the specialized African Cape Massage incorporates one of the first recorded essential oils in Africa, distilled from the Snowbush. 
Based on their tradition of dancing in circular movements in preparation for healing, the therapist uses the circular massage technique using Shea body butter, derived from the nut of the African Shea tree and resembling the animal fat used by the Khoi San for cleansing the body. 
All treatments have been specially designed to incorporate pre and post phases allowing guests to unwind from daily stress and to savour the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.
Guests will begin to relax with a pre-treatment in one of four therapy rooms.  Each room will be associated, in name and colour, with a spice.  Breathing in the scent of geranium, an indigenous plant known for its calming properties, while experiencing a head massage will form the African Cape Massage pre - treatment.
A hot spa area will be one of the options for all post-treatment phases.  Depending on the therapy that a guest has experienced, the therapist will recommend the use of a certain facility in this central area. 
An individual spa bath, sauna, steam room, rain - and body showers make up the hot spa area.  The African Cape Massage encourages guests to make use of the gentle rain shower to reflect the tradition of their circular rain dance performed as a prayer for rain. 
Further relaxation is encouraged in the faintly lit post-treatment room which forms the second option for post-treatments.
Opened in 1996, Cape Grace has always striven for a unique blend of all-encompassing luxury and guest care, a quest first rewarded in 2000 when the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler magazine rated it “best hotel in the world.” 
Ever since, the awards have kept on coming.  Thus, the new Spa in order to guarantee it be a reflection of the Cape Grace ethos is not only owned and managed by the hotel, but it is available only and exclusively to Cape Grace guests. 
The Spa at Cape Grace experience actually begins a half hour prior to treatments, when a specially prepared package is delivered to the guest’s room or suite. Inside, the guest discovers a specially designed robe and slippers and a card confirming the treatment chosen, the name of the therapist and the time of treatment.
The Spa at Cape Grace, an original experience sure to delight, relax and rejuvenate.