The Five Elements @ Ettia`s Holistic Day Spa

Wouldnå‘t it be great if there were a retreat in New York where you could get back to the basics?  A place where soothing treatments and specialized services flowed like water. A haven in which you could unearth a whole new you. 
Ettia Holistic Day Spa, owned and operated for over 16 years by Ettia Tal, an international leading authority on skin care and body treatments, is an oasis where the East meets the West and the old meets the new.
It’s a place where your complex life and its frenetic pace are slowed down to embrace a simpler way of being.
It’s a world of dichotomies that are always perfectly aligned. It is a place that understands, that like universe, we are constantly changing, as are our needs.

With a special focus on balance, alignment, and harmony, the five elements from nature: wood, earth, metal, fire, and water, are incorporated into our treatments for the ultimate high five.
By custom blending pure essences representing each of the five elements into essential oils, the skin and soul are penetrated through massage, deep center breathing, and guided mediation to restore balance for a ‘whole’ new you.
The real element of surprise will be the results: a fresher, healthier, calmer, more beautiful you.
The Five Elements of Ettia’s Holistic Day Spa include:
1) Metal Melt-away Massages - Combat stress, fatigue, sore muscles, or illness, with Ettia’s specialized massages, catered to your individual needs.  Walk away relaxed and refreshed, and ready to take on the world.
2) Fire Full-Circle Facials - Ettia’s exclusive holistic facials incorporate ancient healing and European techniques by using a combination of herbs, biological peels, essential oils, acupressure points and décolleté massage to heal and balance the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of her clients.
3) Water Wowing Waxing - Amazingly pain-free, this breakthrough in organic, painless waxing, sheds unwanted hair using highly effective and amazingly pain-free bee’s wax.  Expert technicians adeptly apply and remove the wax, minimizing trauma to the skin and post-waxing bumps, leaving you with a smooth, clean look. 
4) Wood Wondrous Wraps and Body Treatments - Indulge yourself holistically, from head to toe, with Ettia’s manicures, pedicures, body wraps, sea salt scrubs, ear coning, and more.
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