You Don`t Have To Hide Your Face With Silicol Skin

Silicol Skin, the natural way to clear skin and increased confidence!
Face it, spots are not much fun, whether you have severe acne or the occasional blemish you can guarantee that your spots will get worse before a big occasion when you want to look your best such as a first date or job interview.
Spots can make even the most confident person feel self-conscious and we have all been in the position where we would like to leave the house with a paper bag over our heads.
The damaging effect that spots and acne can have on your self-confidence should not be underestimated but now there is a natural way to clear skin that really works meaning that you will not have to feel self conscious again.
Silicol Skin is a natural, deep cleansing face mask containing the natural trace element silica. It works by absorbing excess sebum from the surface of the skin and by binding dead skin cells, toxins and bacteria from deep inside the pores.
Silicol Skin dries out pimples, spots and blackheads in a much shorter time than conventional products leaving the skin looking considerably clearer, fresher and brighter.
Clinical studies have shown that a twice-daily application of Silicol Skin had a significant effect on pimples, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads in a matter of weeks.
A recent trial with members of the Acne Support Group showed a significant 86% overall improvement, with most acne sufferers citing the chin as the area, which showed the biggest improvement.
Some participants even benefited from total disappearance of their acne in some locations!
Dermatologically tested, Silicol Skin is suitable for all skin types. Silicol Skin is available by mail order on 0870 7274153.