Classic Beauty Introduces Its Lip Plumper And Conditioner

Von Henschen Industries, creator of the scientifically advanced and industry preferred Classic Beauty skin care line, proudly announce their Lip Plumper & Conditioner for sale to the public via their website,
“Lip plumpers are the latest trend, and there are several new products on the market calling themselves, `lip plumpers`; However, after examining the ingredients, it is evident that the majority are merely lubricants.” Says Roni von Henschen, CEO, VHI, inc.
“Our Classic Beauty Lip Plumper & Conditioner, on the other hand, utilizes a state of the art Oligopeptide Technology that is scientifically proven to increase lip moisture and add volume by 40%.”
This palmitoyl oligopeptide ingredient is designed specifically for lip care. It hydrates the lips and restores glycosaminoglycans and collagen, increasing lip moisture and adding volume to improve the contour of the lips and give better definition to the lip line.
In an in vivo study, panelists saw a dramatic improvement in lip moisture and fullness after 29 days of treatment, stating that furrows were reduced by up to 30%, lip moisture increased by as much as 60%, and lip volume increased by 40% on average.
Besides the benefit of the revolutionary plumping ingredient, the Classic Beauty Lip Plumper & Conditioner also contains Ester-C, aloe vera, menthol, camphor and other ingredients that make your lips feel great.
The product penetrates the lips quickly and can be used alone or worn under lipstick or gloss. The manufacturer suggests 30 days of use to receive maximum benefits, but most people see immediate results.
Classic Beauty Lip Plumper & Conditioner is available in a beautiful .5 oz. container and, by selling directly to the public, VHI has been able to offer the product priced below other lines.
To order the Classic Beauty Lip Plumper & Conditioner, or to learn more about their innovative and cutting edge skin care line, visit the product website at