Asian Beauty Secrets Unveiled At Angsana Spa Double Bay, Sydney

Adding a modern twist to traditional health and beauty remedies, Angsana Spa introduces Asian beauty secrets to chic Sydney.
Created from natural ingredients like hibiscus flowers, papayas and jasmine tea, its enticing menu presents 39 refreshing spa packages, massages, skin enhancers, facials and special treatments.
Urbanites can look forward to a body holiday treat with spa packages specially designed to harmonise the mind, body and soul. Angsana recommend:
* Serenity - a sublime experience which starts with the signature Angsana Massage, which uses palm strokes and thumb pressure to relieve tension and aid blood circulation.
Next, an enriching Milk & Rice Pouch is kneaded onto the body to nourish the skin. Finally, a dip in a Cloud 9 bath infused with oatmeal and aromatic oils to float all tensions away.
* Java Jive - This modern-day adaptation of Javanese Lulur, a beauty secret once the privilege of royalty, begins with an Indonesian deep tissue massage to improve energy flow and relax tense muscles.
The royal treatment continues with a purifying Lulur Scrub made from yellow turmeric and a luxurious Empress Bath steeped in ginseng to revitalise the senses.
Amongst our range of massages inspired by the ancient remedies of the East, Angsana recommend:
* Angsana Massage - Created exclusively for Angsana Spa, this signature therapy uses specially blended Euphoria Oil that combines slow graceful palm strokes and thumb pressure applied to key body pressure points to relieve tension and aid blood circulation.
* Ayurvedic Synchrony - Based on the 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic tradition of healing, two therapists perform this full-body massage in unison, using curative Sesame Oil to induce deep relaxation and promote immunity.
These nourishing treatments stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy cell growth. Angsana recommend:
* Tropical Bloom - This gentle scrub made from tropical hibiscus flowers and papaya is rich in Vitamin C and helps to remove dead surface cells, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
* Pulp Friction - Specially blended with potato, this body mask has natural whitening and softening properties to lighten blemishes and purify the skin.
Infused with the goodness of Mother Nature, these beauty potions will bring a glow to the face and being. Angsana recommend:
* Empress Veil - Watch this nourishing ginseng treatment work its magic on tired, dull skin as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and reveals a luminous complexion.
* Peach Blossom - For a peaches-and-cream complexion, try this facial which uses peach kernels and pure pearl to liven up dull skin tone, lighten blemishes and reduce facial discolouration.
Forget crash diets and slimming pills. These body-sculpting treatments will help spa-goers look and feel good. We recommend:
* Femme Fatale - Your session begins with a massage that works in harmony with a specially blended toning oil to break up fatty tissues. This is followed by a Detox Mud Mask to draw out toxins and excess fluid.
What better way to end a revitalising spa session than with a special treat for the hands and feet? Angsana recommend:
* Mehendi - Traditionally used to adorn the hands and feet of Indian brides, this hand-drawn Henna art is now a charming embellishment for the fashion conscious. The mahogany brown Mehendi lasts for about two weeks.
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