DreamTime, Unveils its Extraordinary Body Wrapture Treatment at ISPA

DreamTime, continuing in its commitment to develop innovative relaxation and rejuvenation products, demonstrated their revolutionary new spa treatment at ISPA in Dallas 2003.
The Body Wrapture Treatment relies on DreamTime’s Warm Embrace product line combined with a professional massage to create a truly unique spa experience
Warm Body Wraps are placed on the key tension areas and muscle groups so heat can penetrate deep into the muscle tissue.
This nurturing heat induces relaxation, relieves tension, promotes detoxification and prepares the muscles for any kind of massage.
The result is increased circulation, elimination of metabolic wastes, stress relief, and a feeling of deep relaxation, balance and of being profoundly nurtured.
DreamTime re-invents comfort and relaxation by offering a diverse collection of nerve and muscle soothing products for everyone as a path to daily well-being.
Go through your journey with DreamTime’s soothing Warm Embrace line aromatherapeutic and microwavable wraps, belts & pillows to comfort and soothe away aches and pains.
Warm Embrace contains grains used to absorb and retain heat and a blend of aromatherapy herbs including cinnamon for calming, cloves for penetrating and comforting and eucalyptus for revitalizing.
Supportive Buckwheat Bliss luxurious therapeutic pillows for blissful rest; calming Relax and Dream eye pillows and sachets - designed to quiet your mind in order to achieve deeper relaxation, meditation or sleep; and the Beso de Luna line, a collection of body care products featuring pure essential oils.
Both therapeutic lines encourage relaxation and rejuvenation through the use of all natural ingredients and pure aromatherapy. You haven’t relaxed until you ‘ve DreamTimed!
For further information please visit DreamTime`s website http://www.dreamtimeinc.com.
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