A Unique Spa Concept Is Changing The Way San Diegans Spa

San Diego is a city of unique spa experiences and one that stands out among them all may be found at PUUR Spa. To arrive at PUUR Spa just open your front doorå... this is the spa that comes to you!
No fighting traffic, sitting in a waiting room or driving home with oily skin and flip flops… PUUR Spa brings the spa experience to your home on your terms and
your schedule.

“People are busy and it`s hard to find time to go in and have a spa experience,” says PUUR Spa co-founder Jeannie. Jeannie and her partner Kristina developed the PUUR Spa concept based on their own experiences.
“I was a massage therapist and Kristina an esthetician. Our experience in the field led us to believe that the spa experience could be duplicated and even enhanced in the privacy of your own home.”
The factor that has made PUUR Spa successful is its ability to duplicate many of the exotic spa services anywhere you want to receive them. The PUUR spa technicians that come to your home are some of San Diego`s best licensed estheticians, massage therapists and manicurists.
Most have extensive spa experience and that helps to create a professional, pampered ambience. Their experience also means you can select from much more than manicures or massages.
You can request a Mango Sugar Scrub Body Ttreatment, European Facial or Brazilian Bikini Wax, too.
One of the services that has made PUUR Spa famous is its reputation for throwing a great Spa Party. PUUR spa offers three “Mini-Spa” packages that incorporate well into most parties.
This is a common request from brides-to-be who want to
make a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party extra special.

Spa parties are also fun ways to celebrate birthdays, new babies and graduations. As their popularity grows Jeannie and Kristina get more requests daily for spa parties “just because.”

“I had six of my best girlfriends over one night just to catch up with one another. We organized pedicures and facials from PUUR Spa and it turned out to be a really wonderful experience,” says San Diegan Erin Winters.
“We all sat out on the patio, enjoyed the late
afternoon sun and felt spoiled by wonderful service. It was as if we had rented out a top notch spa for the day, just us!”

Creating a spa experience in your home often results in a heightened state of relaxation simply because your surroundings are so familiar. While many people go to a spa to “escape”, that also means that walking out the door to go home often erases the experience.
“You get back in your car, you`re in traffic, you`re back to reality,” explains Jeannie. “At PUUR Spa your home is your spa so you aren`t losing that experience at the end of it…you`re already there.”
For more information visit PUUR SPA wesbite http://www.mobilehomespa.com.