La Thérapie And The Celtic Manor Resort Launch a Revolution In Medical Skin Science

La ThÌ©rapie, the groundbreaking new cosmeceutical product and treatment range, is pleased to announce its launch at the award winning Forum Health Club and Spa at The Celtic Manor Resort, Wales. 
Available now, The Celtic Manor Resort is the first spa in the UK to launch this progressive new range.
The launch of La Thérapie heralds a new and exciting offering for The Celtic Manor Resort, allowing them to target skin conditions often only considered medically treatable.
Simon Lee, Marketing Director of The Celtic Manor Resort said: “Some health spas can be considered ‘simply pampering’. The Celtic Manor Resort is challenging this perception and inviting both regular clients and occasional spa goers to experience treatments never seen before in a spa environment.”
A new addition to the Steiner Leisure global portfolio of brands, La Thérapie has been launched worldwide under the direction of Sean Harrington, he said: “La Thérapie is the most exciting new ‘Doctor Brand’ in the market place today. My ambition is to see La Thérapie as the worldwide industry leader in scientific skin-therapy.”
Sean Harrington continues, “La Thérapie opens a whole new world of opportunity for Celtic Manor’s customers. We recognised that alongside holistic, hands on natural therapies, it was critical to have a cosmeceutical high science ‘Dr Brand’ designed specifically for problematic and ageing skins. The range combines powerful Glycolics, Anti-Oxidant skin boosters, Patented Vitamin A + C preparations to deliver dramatic and immediate results.”
La Thérapie Product Range is manufactured to FDA and EU standards the range was created in Paris by a team of cosmetic scientists, aestheticians, doctors and a dynamic plastic surgeon, working in partnership with some of the leading USA experts in this field.

Led by advanced resurfacing Glycolic formulas and patented Anti-Oxidants, La Thérapie bridges the gap between cosmetic application and basic plastic surgery techniques.
With 37 retail products, La Thérapie is broken down into three distinct categories, offering a very clear and easy to follow concept:
Skin Principals are the basis for the Skin Perfection programme, which purify and refine the skin for further treatment. Prescription cleansers, toning lotions and gentle, yet effective exfoliants are the first line in defence against ageing.
Skin Solutions is a premier collection of state-of-the-art treatment preparations, recommended as the cosmeceuticals of the Skin Perfection programme. Patented Anti-Oxidants and Glycolic preparations help to correct skin imperfections and imbalances, treating hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage and scarring.
Skin Nutritives are the high performance, age-defying hydration system for the Skin Perfection programme. They enhance the effectiveness of treatment creams and increase cellular renewal, technologically helping to delay the effects of time on the skin.
La Thérapie Treatments

The La Thérapie product range is combined with professional, clinical treatments personalised to offer solutions for a wide range of skin concerns.
Advanced cosmeceutical products are combined with gentle micro current and high frequency to carry active ingredients to where the skin needs it most.
These sophisticated delivery systems help boost circulation, improve hydration, enhance oxygen absorption and create an anti-bacterial layer to help prevent future breakouts. La Thérapie treatments also allow you to single out and target key ‘age sensitive zones’; eyes, lips, neck and hands, further enhancing the treatment.
La Thérapie HydraLift Facial 55mins

Designed to offer fast and dramatic results in the fight against time, the complexion is left deeply cleansed, smoother, firmer and super hydrated.
This treatment draws out impurities, sterilizes the skin and accelerates the healing process. It transports active ingredients deep down, whilst boosting vital oxygen supply to give new skin cells a nutritious boost.
La Thérapie HydraLift Super Intensif Facial 85mins

This intensive facial is the ultimate deep cleansing facial, combining the La Thérapie HydraLift Facial with all four La Thérapie Intensif Age Zone Treatments.
La Thérapie HydraPeel Facial 55mins

This cosmeceutical treatment uses safe, dermatologically approved Glycolic skin renewing formulations that stimulate cell renewal, repair and restore damaged skin cells, replenish moisture levels and improve skin texture. 
Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Sugarcane, found in the La Thérapie glycolic range are renowned for their ability to improve the appearance of sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and acne scarring. It deeply cleanses and moisturises to leave the skin vibrant, youthful and glowing.
La Thérapie HydraPeel Super Intensif Facial 85mins

This is the ultimate treatment combining the dramatic and immediate results of the La Thérapie HydraPeel Facial with the added benefit of the four La Thérapie Intensif Age Zone Treatments.
La Thérapie Age Zone Treatment 25mins

This intensive treatment for the eyes, lips, neck or hands, helps to slow down the signs of premature ageing, giving immediate results to those ‘age-sensitive zones’.
Facial Add-In: La Thérapie Intensif Anti-Oxidant Treatment

May be added to all La Thérapie treatments to maximise its full potential. Exclusively patented formulations of Vitamin A with 7% Retinyl Palmitate and Vitamin C with Pycnogenol provide powerful Anti-Oxidant protection, preventing free radical damage and helping to increase clarity, even skin tone, speed up cell renewal, whilst smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, scars and blemishes.

For further information please visit The Celtic Manor`s website; or contact La Therapie on +44 (0) 20 8909 5063.
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