Angsana Resorts & Spa Launches Colours Of Angsana

Angsana Resorts & Spa today launched a new boutique collection of small hotels in exotic destinations under the banner of å‘Colours of Angsanaå’, with three hotels acquired under management or revenue-sharing arrangements in Sri Lanka, China and Laos.
Colours of Angsana groups together small hotels in unique destinations, to provide travellers with a vivid experience in adventure and cultural tourism - one of the fastest growing areas of the global tourism industry.
Scheduled to open in the next 12 months, the three hotels are The Deer Park in Giritale, Sri Lanka; the Gyalthang Dzong Hotel in Shangri-la (Zhongdian county), China; and the Maison Souvannaphoum in Luang Prabang, Laos.
The Deer Park and Maison Souvannaphoum are both located within UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while the Gyalthang Dzong Hotel is located in the heart of Tibetan China, within the designated World Heritage Great Rivers National Park.
The hotels are being renovated and refurbished to showcase the rich cultural traditions and heritages of their destinations.
These three properties will spearhead Colours of Angsana’s collection of charming, off-the-beaten-path hotels, which will all reinforce its philosophy highlighted in its collaterals as follows: From the misty forests of Ceylon to the celestial monasteries of Tibet, Colours of Angsana embodies the myriad facets of exotic destinations around the world.
Like an artist`s palette, each unique Colour in our collection gives vibrancy and soul to a painting of wanderlust.  An expression of Angsana Resorts & Spa, Colours of Angsana presents a canvas for painting exceptional travel experiences, leaving an indelible memory of the sojourn.
Colours of Angsana encapsulates the sense of adventure, the rich tapestry of culture and heritage, which is consistent with the spirit of adventure and spontaneity behind the philosophy of Angsana Resorts & Spa: sensing the moment. 
“The acquisition of these new properties is part of a larger strategy to position the group in exotic ‘frontier’ destinations that may not boast luxury accommodations, but offer unique experiences that appeal to adventurous travellers,” explains Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings. 
.  “Located in World Heritage Sites or unspoiled nature reserves, these niche hotels will not only pave our entry into the soft adventure and cultural tourism market but also reinforce the Colours of Angsana philosophy of savoring the serendipitous, and often foreign, encounters traveling throws your way, to discover and create extraordinary travel experiences.”
Mr Ho added, “We are also mindful of over-stretching or diluting the scope of our individual brands, hence the development of a collection under the banner of Angsana Resorts and Spa to allow for diversification and growth within the group’s central strategy”.
Gyalthang Dzong Hotel, a cosy 47-room Tibetan-style highland hideaway in China’s Shangri-La (Zhongdian county), is the first in this new collection to open recently. This serene retreat is the gateway to regional natural wonders such as White Water Limestone Terrace (Baishuitai), Bita Lake Nature Reserve and Tiger-leaping Gorge.
Ecological trekking explorations, jeep safaris across the splendid Khampa Tibetan region, pony rides, and excursions to nature reserves and hot springs await soft-adventure seekers while those after spiritual pursuits may visit the highly revered Ganden Sumtseling Monastery and the sacred Mt Khawakarpo, a mecca for devoted Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims.
Scheduled to open in early 2004, The Deer Park, a sprawling 77-cottage jungle resort along the banks of the Giritale Reservoir is situated within the Cultural Triangle of ancient ruined cities of Ceylon about 3? hours from Colombo, Sri Lanka.
This eco-sensitive resort takes its name from the tropical jungle - once the private hunting grounds of ancient kings - in which it was built and recreates the concept of jungle living through careful preservation of its natural environment and by bringing the jungle within its interiors.
Surrounded by three national wildlife parks and numerous ruins, the Deer Park presents visitors with a potpourri of sights, sounds, nature, culture and history.
Completing the trio of projects is the intimate 25-room Lao-French colonial style Maison Souvannaphouma located in the ancient royal city of Luang Prabang in Laos, at Namphou Square.
Formerly the villa of Prince Souvannaphoum, Maison Souvannaphoum offers easy access to this UNESCO World Heritage town with its many attractions such as the Royal Palace, Mount Phousi and its stunning view of the surrounding temples and hills dotting this royal old capital, and the Mekong River.
For sales enquiries, guests may call the Colours of Angsana Singapore Sales Office at +65 68495834, fax +65 64623474 or email: [email protected] For more information, holidaymakers may visit
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