New Epil-Ya Cooling Wax

Youå‘ve got the invite to the party of the year, your cute `little black dress` is hanging up but youå‘ve forgotten to do your legs! De-fuzz in an instant with Epil-Ya cooling wax thatå‘s pain free, non-chemical (no smell) and thereå‘s no mess. It comes ready to use in a tub, takes no time at all and will leave you with silky smooth legs.
Epil Ya works just like a wax, without the heat. A fresh and simple organic hair removal system with no `ouch factor.` 
This Gentle Swiss Formula is the ultimate way to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Simply apply the product anywhere on your body, smooth a linen cloth strip in the direction of the hair growth over the gel, peel off (in the opposite direction) and voila! Get clean clear skin for up to six weeks.
But don’t use too much or it won’t work - that’s the secret of this `organic` cool wax. Epil-Ya attaches only to the hair and not the skin and leaves your body hair free without stripping the oils from the skin.
It’s kinder to your skin than other wax, leaving minimal redness, so you can literally wax and go… 
Epil-Ya is used straight from the jar meaning no time is spent on heating.
It can be applied to areas without the worry of the wax drying. Once the wax is on the cotton strip, it can continue to be used three times in one session.
The cotton strips can be rinsed and used again and again… This is a quick and easy treatment to do yourself. And… Epil-Ya is water soluble meaning no mess.
All the ingredients in Epil-Ya are completely natural.  It contains water, lemon juice, sugar, and jojoba oil which helps rejuvenate the skin and promote new cell growth.
The Epil-Ya Cool Wax kit contains a tube of Epil-Ya (100g), a tube of Cool-Ya (100g), 2 spatulas, 10 re-usable cotton strips in a little beauty bag.
Cool-Ya is a light refreshing gel that can be used after Epil-Ya to soothe the skin and dissolve excess Epil-Ya. It contains extracts of Lemon and Grapefruit to give vitality and energy to the skin.