Thermae Bath Spa - Britain’s Original and Only Natural Thermal Spa.

Just as the Romans turned it into a relaxation spot for the marching army, so hurried Londoners use Bath as a weekend escape. Stunning Georgian architecture, superb shops and restaurants the ancient thermal baths have long been the main attraction.
The Thermae bath Spa is due to reopen for the first time since 1978.

The Spa development which was made possible through a £7.78 million grant from the Millennium Commission involves the restoration of five historic buildings, including the 18th century Hot Bath and Cross Bath, and the construction of a stunning new glass and stone building designed by internationally acclaimed architects Sir Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners.
This is the only spa in the UK where you can bathe in natural, mineral-rich thermal water. Thermae Bath Spa is 80 per cent leisure-based and 20 per cent medical which includes indoor and outdoor thermal spa bathing, steam-rooms, massage and treatment rooms, a restaurant, meeting facilities and visitor centre. It will be operated by Thermae Development Company (UK), which draws upon experience gained at Thermae 2000 in Holland.
One of the most eye-catching aspects of the new Spa will be the open-air, rooftop pool, from which bathers will be able to gaze out to the skyline and green hills, which surround Bath. Benefiting from the natural thermal waters, the rooftop pool will be in use all-year round.
Located in the heart of the World Heritage Site, just 100 metres from the Roman Baths, the restored Spa will draw its thermal waters from the Hetling Spring, the Cross Spring and Kings Spring which deliver over one million litres of water every day at a temperature of 44 degrees centigrade.
Building upon its reputation as a centre for healing and learning, Bath is one of Britain’s top tourism destinations. The Spa will perfectly complement the city’s existing range of theatres, festivals, attractions and museums including the Roman Baths, its outstanding Georgian architecture and some of the country`s best independent shops and restaurants.
One of the added bonuses of Thermae Bath Spa is that there are no membership or joining fees and visitors can choose from staying in a five star hotel to a self-catering cottage, whichever suits their style and budget.