Willow Stream The Spas at Fairmont Launches Signature Spa Collection - Introducing Balance Spa Produ

Willow Stream The Spas At Fairmont has created a signature product and treatment collection that includes its premiere venture into the at-home spa marketplace. 
Balance, the first line debuting in the Willow Stream Collection, has inspired The Willow Stream Body Balance Experience available at six Fairmont resorts as well as Willow Stream Balance, a retail line of aromatherapy spa products formulated to re-create the centered and balanced feeling captured during a Willow Stream experience.
Willow Stream Balance, the first of a series of products comprising the Willow Stream Collection, was designed to allow guests and spa-goers the luxury of re-creating the Willow Stream spa experience in their own home.
“At Willow Stream, we believe the road to balancing your life begins with giving yourself the gift of time-finding some time just for you,” explains Fairmont Spa’s General Manager, Anne McCall. “I wanted to share the spa experiences beyond our walls and created the Willow Stream Collection so guests could, in small ways, take time for themselves to unwind and restore their sense of well-being.”
Crafted from only the purest and most potent essential oils from around the world and blended in the rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii, Willow Stream Balance helps balance our beauty regimen with five sensual aromatherapy spa products to use at home, including: Willow Stream Bath Crystals, Body Lotion, Hydrating Body Scrub, Long-Life Candle and Massage & Body Oil
“I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the inventor of the Willow Stream Balance blend of aromatherapy oils, in her home on the edge of the magnificent Hawaiian rainforest.  With soft breezes and the scent of flowers in the air, I had the best sleep of my entire life, and wanted to share the sensory experiences of that environment through Willow Stream Balance,” continues McCall.
The Body Balance Experience at Willow Stream spas impacts every sense, starting with the inhalation of a soothing blend of lemongrass, ylang ylang, cypress, vetiver and spikenard aromatherapy oils. Guests sip a restoring tea while enjoying a revitalizing footbath with Willow Stream Balance Bath Crystals.
A Willow Stream Balance Candle infuses the room, and a full body exfoliation with the Willow Stream Balance Hydrating Scrub assists in cellular rejuvenation and increased blood circulation. A full-body massage with Willow Stream Balance Massage & Body Oil completes the treatments, leaving each guest feeling peaceful and relaxed.
“Being in Balance is about taking time for yourself, by taking a break and walking around the block when you can’t solve a problem at work, spending two more minutes in the shower without thinking, just feeling the water on your neck ... lighting a candle just for yourself ...reading your favorite book even for 10 minutes before you fall asleep ... it’s all about creating a little peace for yourself in small containable bites that all begin to add up to a little more balance and a little more fun and a little more energy,”  explains McCall.
The Body Balance Experience and Balance products were created for Willow Stream by Hawaii-based Warren Botanicals, a leading creator of the highest quality aromatherapy products.
Senses are awakened with the essential oils used to formulate the Willow Stream Balance collection and include spikenard, one of the most ancient aromatic oils used to regulate the heart, calm the nervous system and harmonize the whole body; vetiver, which assists in relieving inflammatory disorders of the joints and helps to center our spirit; ylang ylang, a union of masculine and feminine that helps to open the mind; cypress to increase blood circulation and boost our energy; and lemongrass to tone muscles and uplift the body and spirit.
Capturing the essence, elegance and energy of their unique geographic locales, Willow Stream spas are luxurious retreats that strive to help guests build their own personal reserves of energy. 
From the distinctive design of each and every Willow Stream spa to the sincerity in which Willow Stream aestheticians and massage therapists balance their own lives, Willow Stream spas offers authentic spa experiences, sharing in the philosophies of well-being, unparalleled service and innovative treatments for which Willow Stream has become known.