New Spa at Cape Grace Features African Treatments and Spices of the East

The brand-new Spa at Cape Grace, opening in November, will feature treatments that hark back to ancient Africaå—when massage and aromatic spices were used to cure a thousand ills.
Situated high atop the hotel, the Spa at Cape Grace is framed by flower-filled balconies and views of Table Mountain to the south, and the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and the Indian Ocean to the north.
The private treatment rooms open directly to the outdoor breezes, creating a restful and harmonious blend of space and nature. And it is from the Indian Ocean that much of the inspiration for the new spa has been drawn, because Cape Town—ever since the 15th century—has been a pivotal point on the trade route bringing exotic Asian and African spices to Europe.
The spice route has inspired the décor and ambience of the new spa, with interiors in warm orange, gold, deep brown and pale cream that evoke the romance and aromas of chili, saffron, cinnamon and vanilla.
The new spa`s signature “African Cape Massage” draws its inspiration from South Africa`s native Khoi-San culture. The massage uses one of the first recorded essential oils in Africa, distilled from the Snowbush. Based on the tribal tradition of dancing in circular movements in preparation for healing, the therapist employs a circular massage technique, utilizing snowbush oil as well as Shea body butter—derived from the nut of the African Shea tree. This “butter” recalls the curative properties of the animal fat traditionally used by the Khoi-San for cleansing the body.
Pre-treatments take place in one of five therapy rooms, each open to Cape Town`s balmy trade-winds, each bearing the name and color of an exotic spice.
The specialized “African Cape Massage” pre-treatment pairs a scalp massage with the inhalation of the scent of geranium—indigenous to Africa—a plant known for its calming properties.
After treatments, and depending on the therapy experienced, the therapist recommends either an individual spa bath, a sauna, a period in the steam room or rain- and body-showers. The “African Cape Massage” is best completed with a “rain shower,” recalling the traditional circular rain dance performed as a prayer for rain.
The internationally acclaimed professional skincare range, Académie, has been chosen to complement the Spa at Cape Grace`s range of treatments. To know more, visit