Champney Henlow`s new thalassotherapy pool.

Champneys Henlow have just opened their new thalassotherapy pool as part of the property`s å£4 million refurbishment.  The Champneys Health Resorts group were the first to offer indoor Thalassotherapy in the United Kingdom when Forest Mere opened its Thalassotherapy pool in 1999.
Thalassotherapy is beloved of celebs like Natalie Appleton, Mel Sykes, Tamsin Outhwaite, Lisa Scott Lee, Blue and Westlife. All of whom have indulged at Champneys!.
It is used mainly for healing and energising, the salt water treatment is also helpful in clearing up skin conditions such as eczema and arthritis.  The powerful water jets knead the flesh and help with cellulite.
The theory behind Thalassotherapy is that when the water is a few degrees below body temperature, therapeutic mineral icons pass into the blood and encourage the toxins to pass out.  The salt used in the treatment contains high concentrations of magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium, together with trace elements to detoxify and balance the system.