Harley Street Cosmetics: The exclusivity and prestige of Harley Street in your own home.

Harley Street Cosmetic is a new dynamic cosmetic range available from exclusive herb shops, clinics, health clubs and also by mail order.  The gels are developed by the renowned scientist Dr. Cuross Bakhtiar who has built up an impressive reputation since founding the cosmetic surgery å‘Laser Clearå’ in Harley Street.
The completely natural and organic gels are luxurious yet also work to regenerate and improve the skin.  Essential oils, historically used to treat a wide range of ailments, and an unusually high concentration of herbal extract form the basis of the gels. 
Essential oils were first used by the ancient Egyptians and are the oldest form of medicine and cosmetics known to man.  The oils used by Dr. Bakhtiar have been globally sought for their purity; only organic herbs that are completely natural have been selected for either steam distillation or compression.
As water-based products, the gels are ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin or minor skin complaints.  Harley Street Cosmetic are hypoallergenic; gels are lighter and more easily absorbed into the skin than creams and therefore less likely to cause irritation.
Each of the gels contain only natural preservatives, herbal extracts and honey, which are also well known for their moisturising capabilities, and grapefruit seed.  Dr. Bakhtiar has avoided all chemicals that are often harmful when applied to the skin leaving it irritated and that can be absorbed into the body affecting the cellular structure. 
The gels’ sumptuous aromas can be attributed to the essential oils that have been added not only for their intoxicating perfumes but also for their benefits to health.  Harley Street Cosmetic currently uses ten stimulating essential oils among which are lavender, which exhibits powerful calming attributes and is an excellent treatment for sunburn, and Arnica, which is used extensively by sports professionals for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 
Dr. Bakhtiar treats a whole range of conditions from wound healing to eczema. All the ingredients have passed strict quality control to give optimum levels of rejuvenation so as to leave the skin perfectly balanced.  But it is not just the skin that is restored; because the gels are therapeutic both mind and body are left in harmony.  Contrary to the belief that every skin has a ‘type’ Harley Street Cosmetics is universal and suitable for all skins; essential oils cannot be of detriment and can only improve skin condition.
Dr. Bakhtiar will extending the range to include creams and lotions, all encompassing organic properties and achieving the same high standard of quality as the gels.  The gels contain no animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.  All the ingredients are unadulterated so as to be of maximum benefit to the skin. 
Dr. Bakhtiar himself comments: “In light of the current trend facing medicinal creams, we have brought out the unicorn of homeopathic gels and remedies.  I have spent over 5 years developing and testing this range all over the world and I am finally satisfied that this range is the best on the market.  Just try it and see.”
For further information please contact Alex Rayner on: 020 7221 3530 or via e-mail: [email protected]