The lotus flower awakens…a new dawn in spa evolution from Molton Brown

Renewal and discovery: 2003 brings a new era of lifestyle spaces for men and women, with the launch of the Molton Brown Day Spa. Following on from the acclaimed Molton Brown Travel Spas, pioneered with British Airways, the company has teamed up with John Paul Blisset, one of the world`s most directional spa designers, to create a series of Molton Brown spaces across the globe.
The mission: an environment to restore the natural state, restart the self and inspire with a blend of adventurous and experimental therapies. Wild nature is tamed, ingredients are invasive and pure, treatments are quixotic and therapeutic.
The gateway…
Step out of the routine and into your own space. Inspired by the Molton Brown lotus flower icon, the ideology is to create a protected environment for renewal of the mind and body… time to drift away and dream, purify your mind from the clutter of our modern lives.

Inhale the surroundings…
Textures are warm, tactile, understated and evocative of nature: smooth pebbles underfoot, fine grasses swaying in the breeze, sky light above.  Soft Japanese slippers demark the divide between the past and future experience.

Stepping into the inner light..
Within a theatrical setting, the Lotuspods establish personal spaces for the individual. Sensory deprivation in the most positive sense: bathed in healing light with cocoon like isolation, the Lotuspod helps you focus on internal forces rather than external; taking you out of your worldly context and into a place where the senses of smell and touch are most dominant. Here your brain has a chance to power down and truly relax.

Primal essences…
Therapies, developed by Creative Director Dale Daxon Bowers, reawaken the inner and outer self. The palate is cleansed with sorbets and brewed infusions, the body treated to a cocktail of plant and ocean extracts, a total corporeal influence… gingerlily sugar scrubs, olive stone polishes, earthstone body massages, primalsource Polynesian camellia facials, equilibrium spritzers for men, naran ji palm pressure therapies for hands… 

The first Molton Brown Day Spa is located in The Village, Bluewater, Kent - 01322 383382