Londonå‘s most exclusive and discreet ladies-only health and beauty spa, the Phillimore Spa in Kensington, has relaunched its Anti-Ageing Clinic å- offering all that a woman needs to maintain her beautiful and youthful appearance.
Known as the haven in the heart of Kensington for women to relax and unwind, the Phillimore Spa has now addressed the needs of both men and woman who want to display on the outside what they still feel on the inside - a youthful, energised personality.
This one-stop-anti-ageing-shop provides all there is to know in the art of staying young and wrinkle-free, offering everything from consultations with the world’s top surgeons to revolutionary and traditional beauty treatments - all amidst the tranquil surroundings that boast unashamed luxury and finesse.
Heading up the team at the Phillimore Anti-Ageing Clinic is Dr Jules Jacques Nabet, MD, a respected member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing. He is also a consultant at the Pitie-Salpertiere Hospital in Paris and a member of the General Medical Council. Each member of the Anti-Ageing Clinic team are medically qualified to administer their anti-ageing procedures and treatments.
From botox to New-Fill fillers, the Phillimore Anti-Ageing Clinic offers different ways to treat fine lines and wrinkles. New-Fill has been specially designed to help the body ‘fill in’ lines, wrinkles and depressions. In addition, New-Fill stimulates the production of new collagen, so skin regains its youthful elasticity and smoothness. Faboulous treatments to keeps lines at bay.
Anti-Ageing Environ is a fabulous facial ideal for all skin types, containing vitamin A, anti-oxidants and beta carotene and using an ultrasound machine to penetrate the skin 4000 times deeper than a standard facial. 
Get a new complexion in just five days with the Doctor Schrammek Green Peel - an all-natural and radical anti-ageing face peel that comprises a complex of plant-based ingredients and restores the skin’s natural balance by vigorously removing the outer layer of skin. This treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, removes impurities, firms the facial features and revitalises skin in just five days.
The ultimate in skin rejuvenation, the new Ellipse Intense Pulsed Light is a revolutionary treatment that removes age spots and visible blood vessels and greatly improves skin texture for a more balanced, youthful complexion.  Using the latest in technology, this new and pioneering laser treatment makes redness and uneven pigmentation a thing of the past.
The Ellipse System also removes unwanted hair, meaning there is no need to waste time and money on electrolysis, waxing and shaving.
Offering more than just a treatment menu, the team at the Phillimore Anti-Ageing Clinic work hand in hand, referring clients between their general beauty therapy, anti-ageing and medical (cosmetic surgery) areas of the clinic. This means that women and men can rest assured that all their needs can be met under one roof, being treated with the utmost professionalism, expertise and care.
To find out more about the Phillimore Club and its Anti-Ageing Clinic, please telephone 020-7937-2882 or go to