International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference to take place in Orlando this weekend.

The IECSC claims to be one of the Spa Industryå‘s å‘most exciting prestige eventså’ bringing the industryå‘s most comprehensive showcase of products, services, equipment and education to the public forum with over 400 booths and 100,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space. There will also be classes, seminars, hands-on-exhibits, including the IECSC Business Summit, Makeup Workshops and Post-Conference Classes.
Laura West will act as Mistress of Ceremonies & Closing Ceremonies Special Guest Speaker.
West has served the professional skin care industry since 1978 as a therapist; skin care centre and day spa owner, training instructor and spa specialist. Her variety of experiences and her ability to adapt to global trends for use in the treatment room make her a much sought after speaker at major trade shows and skincare conferences throughout the world.
Laura joined the Dermal Group of Skin Care Companies in 1988 at the companies’ corporate headquarters in Los Angeles as an instructor, and in 1990 was promoted to corporate training manager.
In 1995, Laura moved north to San Francisco where she held an integral part in penning up the companies first business unit and was promoted to education manager. She has travelled extensively throughout the United States and the world, teaching the unique International Dermal Institute methods of skin care success. Laura is part of The International Dermal Institute’s International Training Team and is currently based in the Washington DC area.
West believes that “Over the past 20 years we have seen our industry change. The skin care industry today is much different than when I qualified in 1978. It was an industry of pampering and secrets “everything behind closed doors.” But now, watch out, just when you think you know it…it’s changing. Professional skin care has become more sophisticated. A more sophisticated profession because we have bridged the gap between the medical profession, the destination and resort spas, and wellness centres.
Some of you attending the show this weekend work with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and you are forging ahead in professional skin care in the medical community with clinical skin care. Some of you might be working in spas, destination and resort and are forging ahead with a total body wellness concept with professional skin care. We have seen many changes in our industry with ingredients and product formulations, with the integration of spa treatments and the therapeutic used of essential oils.
Our clients are changing, so are our skin care centres, waiting areas and the way we prescribe our product to our clients. Some of the most important changes in the last decade are our treatments and how we do them. Transforming our skin care centres into a sanctuary of wellness to offer therapeutic treatments. The power of touch is the most unique aspect of everything we do as skin care therapist, for the power is in our hands, let’s use it and make it excellent.
Enjoy your time at The International Esthetic, Cosmetics & Spa Conference, Orlando. Join us for our general session to learn about the “Evolutions of our Industry,” where it was and where we are going. Visit the booths and attend the classes to expand upon your knowledge. And then join us on Monday afternoon for closing ceremonies as we send you off with “The Power to Embrace Change and Reinvent the Future.” Enjoy the greatest skincare show on earth!”