Ultradermi is Choice of Holly Valance

Ultradermi is the future of facials, the modern version of Cathiodermi uses ultrasound in place of galvanic and high frequency currents. Ultradermi completely rejuvenates the skin on the face and body. It improves elasticity, and reduces freckles and wrinkles. It is used in conjunction with luxury products that contain high concentrations of Royal Jelly, Collagen, Aloe and Essential Oils.

Ultrasound is used in everyday life, for determining the sex of a feotus, researching dolphin’s language, training dogs and cleaning contact lenses. Ultrasound is a sound transformed from waves, just like ripples of different sizes and densities. Human audible sounds can be measured at 300 - 3400 waves per second (or Hz). Ultradermi outputs waves of up to 1 million Hz per second, causing a fine vibration of the cells within the tissues, penetrating the subcutaneous layer by as much as 5cm.
This stimulates the blood and lymphatic vessels, increasing circulation of both within 10 minutes. Extensive research has proven the benefits on metabolism and mitiotic activity as it energises the cells. Different frequencies produce different results. Ultradermi works on various frequencies to massage, eliminate wrinkles, treat open pores, whiten, lift and firm the face.
What happens?
Step 1. Cleanse and Tone. The Ultradermi cleanser and toner contain natural extracts, including seaweed, mandarin, honey and royal jelly.

Step 2. Steam.A gorgeous aromatic blend blankets the skin.
Step 3. A gel is applied to the face in preparation for the Ultradermi ultrasound. The ultrasound device automatically outputs 4 phases, massage, wrinkle, whitening and lifting as it sweeps over the face.

Step 4. Eye attachment is used and swept over the area to combat puffiness and dark circles.
Step 5. The T-Zone area is treated using a vitamin gel and light vacuum, perfect for removing excess sebum and impurities.

Step 6. Using the face nozzle attachment the entire face is treated in order to drain toxins and exfoliate.


Step 7. The face is cooled in order to soothe and close the pores. A mist is sprayed on the face and the attachment is swept gently across the face.

Step 8. A relaxing massage is given using a gorgeous moisturiser containing royal jelly, vitamin E, honey almond oil and silk.

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