Celebs Praise Latest in Pulsed light Technology

Dermatologist and GP recommended, the new PhotoFacial Treatment improves Sun Spots, Age Spots, Dull Complexions, Uneven Pigmentation, Large Pores, Sun Damaged Skin, and Early Signs of Aging. It improves Red Flushing Skin, Rosacea, and Broken Capillaries and treats Active Acne. It guarantees smoother Skin with a more even tone.
The new Photofacial has been developed according to the newest scientific research results in Intense Pulsed Light Technology. PhotoFacial is the only procedure that can treat vascular redness, active Acne, and the appearance of Ageing to include freckles, rosacea, wrinkles, broken capillaries, dark spots, blotchy skin colour, redness of the face and neck, enlarged pore size and uneven pigmentation, all in one.

How does the treatment work?
An intense light is applied in a series of gentle pulses over the treatment area. Without damaging the skin, the light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by the abnormally dilated vessels or pigmentation. The heat causes damage to the vessel or lesion, and the body begins its natural healing process. The lesion will darken before it flakes off or the body absorbs it. Treatment can be given as frequently as every two weeks.

How is this different from other IPL treatments?
Unlike other IPL treatments, all skin tones (including Asian skins) can be treated due to a unique filter feature. An inbuilt device ensures the glass does not touch the skin directly, it requires no cooling gel prior to treatment and therefore no chance of the light burning the skin. An oxygen cooling system is activated during the treatment, making this treatment suitable for even sensitive skin. New technology within this machine has the ability to deliver the exact amount of energy needed to heal the particular skin complaint. No other IPL machine has an inbuilt computer that measures the parameters of energy delivery.
What is treatment like?
Treatment may vary from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the area to be treated. First, the treated area is cleansed and a cool gel is applied. When the pulse of light is delivered, the sensation is similar to a snap of a rubber band. After treatment, the gel is removed, the skin cleansed, and a sunscreen is applied. Pain is minimal and normal activity can be resumed immediately.
What improvement will I see?
Patients have a high degree of satisfaction with their results. Expect to see a gradual decrease in redness, broken capillaries, flushing, irregular pigmentation, pore size and fine lines and wrinkles. Active Acne can be healed and the skin will feel smoother and appear to have a more even tone.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
For optimal results, a series of 3 to 5 treatments are recommended. Follow-up treatments may be desired once a year to maintain results.
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