Vacation for the Mind, Body and Soul

Zen Lifestyle Energy Resort located in north Bali is known for its powerful and enjoyable retreats and Spa treatments. With the help of Mother Nature, a life style environment was created to live experiences, ease the soul, clear the mind and relax the body.
This monthly program is designed for anyone desiring to touch basis with the self while enjoying an unusual Balinese vacation.
Zen site offers an ideal set up for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.
- Seven rooms, each with ocean view

- Hidden away from the main roads

- Nearby a quiet sandy beach

- Surrounded by vineyards, rice fields and mountains

- Spacious and luxuriant garden

- Remarkable swimming pool and Jacuzzi

- Zen Body Holiday relaxing Spa

Each morning participants are awaken with soothing music, a Zen way to start a new day.  The meditation and yoga introduction programs are a soft approach to what may become part one’s daily life, through meditation and yoga, people from around the world and of all level of society have reached incredible results in balancing the body, mind and spirit therefore staying more focus and in control over life’s daily events.

The meditation and Yoga class is lead by Mr. Iyan Yaspriyana, graduated from the Yoga Art School of Australia. His introduction classes focus on Pranayama - the breathing techniques for meditative yoga and Asana yoga poses. 
Zen’s meditation and yoga pavilion is 120 square meters and it is surrounded by lush garden.
Some of the activities included in the week-long retreat are:

3 morning programs of 30 min. meditation and 60 min. yoga

Evening candlelight meditation and programs

Spa Treatments:
Traditional Massage,
Herbal Aromatic, Facial or Traditional Body Massage,
Crème Bath Hair Treatment or Manicure/Pedicure,
Ayurveda Massage,
Mandi Lulur,Massage, body scrub and therapeutic bath

Blessing ceremony and
Balinese offering class

Guided walk to a Balinese village

Excursion to a Sacred Spa - Banjar Hot Spring

Meditation at the Vihara Buddhist Temple

Traditional Balinese Cooking class

For more information on the full itinerary and costs, please contact:
[email protected] or visit: