Finders Launch Energizing Skincare Collection

Many spa goers know that water is essential for energy, vitality and health, but the result of modern lifestyles can often drain the body of this vital moisture. One of the effects is dull, dehydrated skin and largely why leading spa product company, Finders Professional, has created its Energizing Skincare Collection.

The Finders Professional Energizing range is designed especially to benefit and intensely hydrate dry skin. All products contain a high concentration of healing minerals to improve the overall health of skin and the products attract and retain moisture via osmosis.
The Finders Professional Energizing range comprises:

Cleansing Emulsion - A gentle light cleanser that effectively deep cleanses skin, removing impurities and make-up.

Toning Lotion - A mild lotion, which gently refreshes and relaxes easily irritated skin and assists in restoring the acid mantle that is essential to healthy skin.

Day Cream - An excellent moisturiser with Vitamin E and SPF15 to help protect the skin against the harmful daily effects, pollution, UV and central heating/air conditioning. It is rapidly absorbed and assists in correcting the moisture balance of the skin.

Night Cream - A rich, humectant cream that nourishes and moisturises the skin during sleep to combat the dehydrating effects of daily stress. Ideal for sensitive, dry, flaking or cracking skin to encourage regeneration and hydration of the epidermis whilst reducing any inflammation and irritations.

Face Mask - Deep, intensive conditioning should be carried out at least once a week to maintain healthy skin. This hydrating and soothing mask revitalises and brightens the complexion by its moisture enriching and gentle exfoliating action.

Boosting Extracts - A naturally soothing and hydrating, plant based oil suitable for dehydrated or dry skin. Superb for seasonal and climate changes, which often unbalance the skin`s natural moisture resources.

The Finders Professional range is available from selected spas for retail purchase and as professional treatments. All products in the Finders Professional range contain Dead Sea minerals.