Sonesta Key Biscayne Presents Water Tai Chi

Sonesta Beach Resort Key Biscayne is currently offering Water Tai Chi, a combination of modified Yang-style Tai Chi movements, in the body-nurturing element of water. One-hour classes are held in the resortå‘s outdoor heated Olympic-size pool, overlooking the beachfront and ocean.

The instructor at Sonesta Beach Resort, Kimberlie Cerda, is an AEA (Aquatic Exercise Association) Certified Aquatic Instructor. She is also a Masters Swimming Member and member of the U.S. Swimming Association.
Tai Chi, normally practiced on land, is an ancient Chinese energising exercise, used for centuries by people to open the meridians, or energy channels of the body. The process increases life force through breathing, balance, agility, coordination, grace, posture, mind focus, relaxation, endurance, strength and flexibility. Practiced regularly, it is believed to help keep the physical body in balance, the key to living a healthy balance life in all other areas (emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Adding the therapeutic element of water creates a balance between natural resistance and the graceful yet powerful movements of Tai Chi.
The benefits of practicing Tai Chi in the water:

? Water is a natural healer, and when exercising in water (rib cage submerged), heart rates remain lower than comparable land exercises, because water cools the body with less effort than air, meaning less work for the heart.

? Water also reduces the effects of gravity on the body, thus blood flows from below the heart back up with less effort - making it easier and safer for overweight people to exercise.
? Natural compression from the water on all body systems also makes exercising in the water easier on the vascular, or circulation system causing a smaller load to the heart as the blood is more evenly distributed throughout the body.
? Gas enters a liquid easier under pressure, so there is a more efficient oxygen (gas) transfer to blood (liquid), due to the water pressure making exercising in the water much easier on the heart.
? A person always works two muscle groups at the same time in water exercises - for example in Water Tai Chi, there is an exercise called arm circles, which specifically targets the biceps and triceps simultaneously. This is impossible to recreate on land due to gravity.

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