Danubius Presents Two Weeks Complete Spa Therapy

Danubius Spa Hotels located in famous spa resorts throughout Hungary, renowned for thermal waters and unique treatments, has introduced 14 day therapy plans.

Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters with valuable raw materials and its famed thermal treasures are revered globally. Danubius Spas offer complete physiotherapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, healing exercises and massage.
The hotels use their own thermal springs for these therapies, which are available to patients visiting the spa therapy centres established within the Danubius Spa hotels.

One such hotel is the Danubius Thermal & Sport Hotel Bük, situated near the Austrian border at Bükfürdõ, which is currently offering Complete Spa Therapy Programme. Together with 14 nights stay and culinary evenings with gala dinner, the programme includes:
An initial and final physician`s examination, follow-up examination, and final medical report on request, plus a weekly medical consultation. During this time the physician specifies a personal medical programme, which could include the following treatments: Swimming, thermal bath, massage, physiotherapy, traction bath, and medicinal pack.
It also incorporates; fun bath, swimming pool, thermal bath, steam bath, whirlpool, sauna, fitness room, morning-gymnastics, water-gymnastics, and aqua-jogging. Dentist examinations are also available on request, while medicines, lab tests and X-rays are at extra cost.


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