The Carole Franck Concept Launches at Harrods Spa

Carole Franck skincare is being launched in the Urban Retreat at Harrods, England. Carole Franck treatments and products work holistically, treating the cause as well as the symptom, ultimately achieving and maintaining optimum balance.

The company states; “We have begun to realise that most conventional products on the market today sound great in theory but fail to deliver the goods. Just look on our bathroom shelves for confirmation; all those half-finished products are a testament to our overblown, disappointed expectations. Ingredients are too diluted to be effective and molecular structures too large to infiltrate the skin. Product merely sits on the surface either topping up superficial moisture levels or irritating, making us believe we have problem skin or allergies.”

Carole Franck is a scientific, practical concept, based on biological makeup and subsequent needs. The three phases to maximise the skin’s appearance are:

1 Hydration: To maintain the epidermal moisture replenishing water from the dermis to the epidermis by the use of minerals.

2 Improvement of the circulation system: Toning, balancing and stimulating circulation by tightening the capillary walls. This improves the elasticity of the skin, de-congests and speeds up the exfoliation process. Strengthening the vascular system accelerates the oxygen and toxin exchange - the blood oxygenates the skin and the lymph takes away the waste, vital for healthy, glowing skin.


3 Regeneration: Hydration and better blood flow will keep the skin cells healthier and alive a lot longer, the regeneration phase will maintain optimum cell life, preventing them from dying off at an early stage.

Carole Franck has produced an Aromatherapy based range; she was the first to realise the benefits using ‘dry oils’ in treatments and developed a unique hydrophilic and lipophilic formula (drawn to the fat and water within the body). Essential oils are potent providers of vitamins, hormones and antiseptics, in a stable compound that is quickly absorbed, directly into the bloodstream. They are extremely healing and calming, they have powerful properties of stimulation and detoxification - acting on digestive and lymphatic systems, as well as endocrine glands. The Carole Franck concept is based on the efficacy of Essential oils.

Carole Franck ‘dry oils’ are fat and water loving, and as these are the very elements present in the skin, they rapidly penetrate into the blood without leaving an oily residue on the surface. Deep diffusion into the dermis means the oils work curatively on the health of the skin, stimulating the capillaries.  Blood vessels are the lifeline to healthy skin and play an important role in maintaining its elasticity. It is a proven fact that long term use of good aromatherapy products will strengthen the vascular system, keeping the skin oxygenated. Carole Franck products help the skin function for itself, automatically taking the waste from the top layer back to the lymphatic system to be excreted from the body.

Carole Franck products ingredients are extremely active, some 50-60 percent active, compared to other product ranges which are only 1-3 percent active.  The essential oils are carefully selected and blended in highly concentrated form, some of the water-soluble oils are 100 percent pure plant extracts.

Carole Franck combines a realistic, practical approach with the theories of alternative medicine. A qualified physician, traditional Chinese doctor and acupuncturist have developed an exceptional, ground-breaking, new treatment. The Rejuve Centre, which harnesses the power of Acupuncture.  This unsurpassed, natural method allows therapists to intensify the action of all specific treatments, complimenting Carole Franck’s range of phyto-aromatic products. A phenomenal, holistic new range for your total well being.