Healthy Eating on a Plate at Champneys UK Resorts

Champneys Health Resorts in the UK has announced the introduction of its exclusive Champneys Plate. The plate has been designed to clear the confusion of healthy eating, cleverly representing portions for fruit, vegetables, carbohydrate and protein.

The Champneys
Plate illustrates what a balanced diet actually looks like, showing how
much should be eaten from each of the three main food groups, with an equal proportion of 33 percent. The Champneys food philosophy relies on the principle of balance, moderation and variety and therefore, all Champneys cuisine is high in fibre, low in fat and uses complex carbohydrates. For those looking to lose weight, Champneys also has a Light Diet Plate offering 25 percent complex carbohydrates, 25 percent protein and 50 percent fruit/vegetables.

Guests are encouraged to continue their healthy eating when they leave with the
Champneys Plate, which is available at all resorts and can be purchased from Champneys boutiques. To coincide with the Champneys plate concept, all Champneys resorts now provide an on-site nutritionist.

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