Paul Labrecque Day Spa Provides Healing for NY Elite

The Paul Labrecque Day Spa in New York, which, according to sources is only a place to go for those in the know, has introduced a unique healing massage to soothe stressed-out New Yorkers

Based on holistic, stretching and strengthening principles, the 90 minute Accussage combines three ancient healing methods of acupuncture, Reiki, and body massage. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are used to access the client’s energetic state, and needles are placed into acupuncture points to promote Qi (energy) flow in the meridians and to clear energetic blocks.
Following acupuncture therapy, a Reiki session is undertaken to clear blocked chakras and supplement energy deficient meridians. This latest New York treatment at Paul Labrecque is then concluded with a massage applied to the affected areas of the body.

Popular for people with specific health complaints, Accussage is becoming an established treatment for general body pain, digestive and respiratory problems, or energetic and emotional blocks. It is also an excellent treatment for spa-goers searching for health maintenance and balance in everyday life.

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