Has the One Minute Spa Manicure Arrived?

Designed to enhance professional spa treatments, OMM UK has introduced the One Minute Manicure, hailed as a new revolutionary hand and footcare programme created to complement spa treatments in between visits. 

Encompassing an all-natural formulation with exfoliation properties using Dead Sea salts and essential oils it works to balance, soothe, energise and nourish hands and feet. The company states; “For high maintenance women living life in the fast lane, this unique product line is the only way to guarantee luxurious hands and feet.
“One Minute Manicure is a unique product line that will enforce loyalty with clients by enabling them to maintain their spa treatments easily at home. Due to the time efficiency of these products, clients can be given a complimentary One Minute Manicure treatment as an incentive to purchase and assist in maintaining their professional spa care… resulting in clients feeling even more pampered and special.”

The three unique products in the collection include :

Spa Treatment - formulated to smooth, exfoliate and energise hands and feet, the Spa Treatment is available in a range of sizes, from a handbag bottle to a gift wrapped glass jar. It contains ingredients such as Grapeseed, a natural antioxidant to help protect against environmental factors, relieve dryness and increase skin clarity; plus avocado and walnut, to help support the skin’s natural breathing function. Other ingredients in the Spa Treatment include grapefruit, spearmint, jojoba, apricot, vitamin E and rosemary.

Daily Skin Therapy  - a highly concentrated, non-greasy intensive skin lotion with a unique advanced moisture complex formula. Daily Skin Therapy leaves skin hydrated without clogging pores and is designed to compliment the Spa Treatment.


Essential Repair Oil - formulated to enhance nail growth while conditioning problem skin areas; cuticles, knees, elbows and feet by moisturising, toning and refreshing the skin.

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