Gold`s Gym Wins Capitol Hill Contract

Goldå‘s Gym International has been awarded the fitness contract for the US House of Representatives.

Gold’s Gym started in California in 1965, and is now the largest gym chain in the world, with over 650 facilities in 45 states and 23 countries. The company has been awarded a contract that makes it the exclusive gym of House legislators and their staff.
“No matter what your party, it all starts here,” said Gene LaMott, CEO of Gold’s Gym International.
“Staying in shape is critical to meeting the physical demands of Capitol Hill and the health of our nation’s legislators is important to the country as a whole. We’re thrilled that the House has chosen Gold’s to help achieve its fitness goals.
“Physical fitness is needed to keep our people in good health,” said US Representative Robert Ney, chair of the House of Administration Committee. “I believe the entire staff of the House of Representatives deserves this.”