Biotrace International Hits the Headlines

Biotrace International, a leading water-hygiene provider, was featured on BBC Wales TV and radio recently, highlighting the benefits of its rapid hygiene monitoring products in swimming pool and spas.

It is well know throughout the spa and leisure industry that the presence of microbes associated with the formation of biofilms or general contamination can increase the health risk to pool users and in some serious cases cause the closure of facilities. In raising awareness of this important issue, Biotrace was featured by the BBC to report on its rapid hygiene monitoring products designed to check contamination levels and reduce the risks of infection in pools and spas.

Biotrace International is also supplying rapid hygiene monitoring equipment for a new eight-week programme currently airing on Channel 4, ‘How clean is your house?’, by Talkback Productions. Viewers can witness Biotrace products in action, including the Uni-Lite® XCEL luminometer and the company`s two rapid surface hygiene tests: Clean-Trace®- an ATP based test and Pro-tect® a colour change protein test.

Biotrace International Plc is a leading manufacturer and provider of specialised products and services for microbiology and life sciences. The company has leading brands such as Biotrace, Biotrace PPM, Cogent, Ruskinn and Lucigen.
Headquartered in the UK, Biotrace International has a direct sales force in the UK - Biotrace Fred Baker Ltd; France - Biotrace SA;  and the USA - Biotrace Inc, with over 100 distributors in 120 countries.