Pilates Retreat in the French Alps

The Pilates Institute is presenting a new programme in the French Alps next month. The Pilates massage retreat, which is suitable for beginners, will be hosted by Sarah Rosenfield, a Pilates Institute Member.

The exclusive retreat is an inclusive package and also provides essentials such as: Two Pilates classes a day; two massages or reflexology sessions; day trips; sauna sessions; home-cooked meals; local wines; Swiss chocolate; and Molton Brown toiletries in all rooms.

On this occasion, the Pilates Institute will be taking a member of 5th Apprentice to the retreat. Fitness expert, Garth, will offer advice on fitness, nutrition and training. As an optional extra, he will also use the latest technology to assess stress, fitness and dietary profiles. These fascinating and confidential assessments will give delegates a greater understanding of the stress factors which affect them personally with practical help and advice at the end of it.
Pilates is being hailed “The fastest growing exercise technique worldwide”. Once a well-kept secret by celebrities, now people worldwide are committing to what is perceived to be a more mindful and intelligent exercise approach.
Created by Joseph Pilates, who was born in 1880, suffered from Asthma, Rickets and Rheumatic Fever, and dedicated his entire life to becoming physically stronger. In 1912 Pilates moved to England where he earned a living initially as a boxer, circus performer and self-defence trainer, and in 1926 he moved to New York where he opened his exercise studio to teach Pilates. Increasingly Pilates came to be recognised in dance, health, sports, media, exercise studios, schools and sports medicine clinics throughout the world.
Pilates is used as a tool for remedial work by many physiotherapists. It is also used as a tool for strength, mobility, flexibility and prevention of injuries as well as to aid relaxation.