New Treatment Protocols at New Age Health Spa

The Holistic Anti-Aging Facial and Holistic Anti-Aging Face and Body Treatment, are two of several new signature therapies currently being introduced at New Age Health Spa in the States. According to reports, these revolutionary treatments, utilising DDF (Doctor`s Dermatologic Formula) products, go well beyond the treatment of skin relating to type.

The management of New Age Health Spa, a 280-acre, all-inclusive destination spa located in the Catskill Forest Preserve, believes that, “One size doesn`t fit all when it comes to health and skin care.” Consequently, the spa has created two distinctly different, but also complimentary, treatment protocols to address the concerns of clients. These have been developed with proven dermatologic ingredients which reinforce the skin`s natural capacity to regenerate at a cellular level, and hence reduce the visible signs of aging.

Doctor Howard Sobel, founder of DDF skin care products and the Skin & Spa Cosmetic Surgery Centre on Park Avenue, New York City, says, “In addition to the amazing, long lasting results achieved by cosmetic surgery, today`s advanced beauty treatments safely provide non-invasive, worthwhile effects that can quickly and dramatically enhance one`s appearance.”

The Holistic Anti-Aging Facial features a gentle cleansing of the skin followed by a naturally derived resurfacing agent, nourishing serum and collagen-rich mask to visibly improve the texture and luminosity of the complexion. The Holistic Anti-Aging Face and Body treatment expands upon this methodology to include a full body glycolic acid exfoliation.

Complimenting these therapeutic treatments are the pampering Aromatic Stress Relief Facial and Aromatic Stress Relief Face and Body Treatment. Here, skin conditioning therapies rely upon classic aromatherapy techniques and organic Jurlique products to provide the essentials for radiant, healthy skin. Warm compresses, rich with the aromas of herbs and flowers, nurture and rebalance the mind, body and spirit.
Jurlique products, produced in Adelaide Australia, are the result of Jurgen and Ulrike Klein`s quest for a biologically pure, homeopathic skin care system. “We encourage a healthy diet, exercise and incorporate natural stress reducing aromatics and healing herbs and minerals into our products,” profess the Kleins.


The Aromatic Stress Relief Facial includes skin analysis, extraction of debris, hydrating steam with massage and a botanical crème mask. The Aromatic Stress Relief Face and Body Treatments additionally incorporate an anti-oxidant rich hydrating body wrap for a complete physical and emotional transformation.