The Reluctant Spa Director - Essential Reading

For every spa professional looking to discover an enlightened understanding of spa directorship; a new book by Skip Williams entitled - The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream - makes for compelling reading.

In a one-of-a-kind approach to creating the spa concept, Skip Williams takes his years of experience in the spa business and writes about successful spa management, presented in the form of a fictional page-turning novel.
With a foreword by Hannelore R. Leavy, Founder and Executive Director of The Day Spa Association and The Medical Spa Association, this story is both exciting and instructive:
Maggie and John Tyler are brother and sister living worlds apart, she is an esthetician living in California and he is a Wall Street power broker in New York. A single dream would reunite them in a mission to build a beautiful and successful spa. Little did they know, how tragedy, and fate would soon change both their lives… 
The enjoyable and enlightening expedition of self-discovery unveiled in The Reluctant Spa Director offers valuable insights on the impact of each decision they make about, such as:
Project feasibility
Facility design
Business planning
Recruiting for success
Team building
Optimising profitability
Spa menu designs that work
Pay systems - and much more.
Through this journey, the characters, as well as the reader, learn about themselves and the principles of creating and running a successful spa. There are mentors and guides along the way who help in the mission dream and the discovery of such an undertaking is always a collaborative effort.
This unique book is presented by Resources & Development, which provides coaching, support and consulting services to spas and hotels.