BISA Announces International Spa Congress

The British International Spa Association has announced that it is to hold its first International Spa Congress at the Clyde side Beardmore Hotel, Spa and Medical Complex, near Glasgow in Scotland from 6 å- 9 May, 2004.

The conference theme will focus on Integrative Health Care - Spa and Medicine, and delegates will be asked to question; “What will characterise the successful spa in the future?”  Pampering, the exotic, unusual therapies and new age approaches to alternative medicine are just some of the options. 

In 2004 however, BISA focuses on the greater integration of spa with mainstream medicine as the serious option. This could provide an exemplary health care system, underpinning mainstream medicine, with broad scale public participation driven by increasing concern about personal wellbeing.
At the BISA International Congress the failures and successes of integrative health care will be considered worldwide, alongside other issues important to the spa industry both past and future. 

The congress will be relevant to all who wish to consider the future of spa, and the programme includes an evening reception, presentations and debate and a Civic Reception. There will be up to thirty, three m-sq exhibition spaces available and delegates will have free use of the Beardmore Spa general facilities.

Early booking rates and reductions for BISA members will be available through email:[email protected] or [email protected]


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