Pleiades Massage and Spa Opens at Radium Hot Springs in Canadian Rockies

Pleiades Massage and Spa has been providing spa services in Canada since 1996, primarily located at the Upper Hot Springs in Banff Alberta, it has recently opened a new 4000 sq-ft day spa destination at the Hot Pools in Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia å- the largest hot spring pool in Canada.

The Rocky Mountains Pleiades Massage and Spa presents massage therapies, Shiatsu, reflexology and Reiki healing, an aromatherapy steam room, wet treatment rooms, and jetted plunge pool. The Radium Hot Springs heritage-classified pool facility also features a restoration of historic spa services as well as an introduction of modern methods of rejuvenation.
The hot mineral water at the spa is odorless and clear - and sets the standard as South-Eastern British Columbia`s largest day spa, it also provides spa-goers with:
The largest hot spring pool in Canada, at 39¡ C (103¡ F)
A cooler swimming pool 27¡ C (84¡ F)
A sheer rock wall which rises above the hot pool
Shallow area for children
Day spa massage therapy, aromatherapy and aesthetics at the Pleaides Massage and Spa
A poolside summer cafe
Trail from close campground to pool
World-class golf facilities nearby
Alpine and cross country skiing in the Radium area.

The company states; “Pleiades Massage and Spa strives to provide an individualised, holistic approach to health and overall wellbeing through massage therapy and other holistic modalities in a clean, comfortable, professional environment - dedicated to helping people grow and develop in mind, body and spirit.”

Additionally, Pleiades (Play-a-deez) is the name the Greeks gave to a cluster of seven stars that are more prominent at the spring solstice. Cultures across the globe, ancient and modern, looked to the heavens as winter waned, waiting for the Pleiades star cluster to usher in new season of growth, regeneration and revitalisation.