Body Ultimate Launches New Anti-Cellulite Formulations

Beauty therapists the world-over will know that there are two kinds of cellulite - the hard, solid type and the saggy loose kind. Usually irrelevant of body weight, cellulite can affect everyone and it is often to tackle this problem that many women chose to visit a spa. What many are asking for now, however, is a treatment that they can continue at home in-between their spa visits.

Cue the new Body Ultimate Skincare Anti-Cellulite Formulations - the very latest home treatments - created as light gel formulations that penetrate the skin to break down and eradicate the different types of cellulite.


Hard Cellulite Formulation

Body Ultimate Skincare Anti-cellulite Amber Formulation for hard cellulite is a light textured gel designed to increase cellular activity within body and skin tissue. It contains Amino Phylline, which acts as a fat cell releasing agent and a diuretic, to help reduce fluid retention, which in turn can promote the detoxification of the body. Body Ultimate Skincare Anti-Cellulite Amber Formulation aims to condition and tone the skin whilst helping to detoxify and improve cell renewal as an effective treatment acting
on hard, stubborn cellulite.

Soft Cellulite Formulation

Body Ultimate Skincare Anti-Cellulite Aqua Formulation for soft cellulite helps to reduce fatty deposits and minimise the skin`s dimpled, puffy appearance. The light gel contains high concentrations of vitamins A and E, which are renowned for helping to increase cellular activity within the body. Also containing extracts of Cypress, Juniper and Aloe Vera, the Aqua Formulation has been blended to produce a diuretic effect, designed to help with cellulite and fluid retention. By its action it encourages the release of fat cells trapped by water, where they are then available to be utilised by the body. To further improve the surface skin texture. It also contains antioxidants to protect against free radical damage.


Body Polish

Body Ultimate Body Polish uses the highest concentrations of glycolic and fruit acid allowed without medical supervision. It will lift and rejuvenate tired skin whilst helping rid the body of toxins and impurities. Principle ingredient, Green Papaya, is an enzyme that dissolves dead and damaged cells. It guarantees healthy, radiant skin as it sloughs away dead skin cells by increasing the oxygen flow to the dermis. Suitable for all skin types, it is especially effective on dry skin as it contains no harsh abrasives. The polish aids the elimination of superficial scar tissue, acne or problem skin zones.


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