World Record for Finnish Saunas

It is estimated that there are at least 1.6 million saunas in Finland today and compared to the population of five million it is claimed to be a world record.

Even though the sauna is an essential part of Finnish culture, it still remains an incredible statistic but, according to a report by The Finnish Sauna Society, it is easy to see how that figure is reached: Practically every Finn goes to the sauna about once a week, and during holidays many take to the thousands of summer cottages, mostly by a lake, river or the sea, to sauna every single day.
Saunas in hotels, spas, gyms, swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular, and many companies have built them for their employees and guests. Finnish passenger and cargo ships also have saunas, and there is a sauna even in the Parliament building in Helsinki.

Up until the beginning of the 1900«s almost all saunas were traditional smoke saunas, today these are considered near relics and the electric and chimney equipped stoves have almost completely taken over the market.