Darphin Launches Anti-Aging Skincare

Hailed as a revolutionary new product, Darphin Laboratories has introduced Arovita C, a soothing anti-aging skincare cream concept.

Created with the best of advanced cosmetology, both in its formulation and in its active ingredients, Arovita C blends the effectiveness of phyto-biological molecules - soya for firmness, ginkgo biloba to fight oxidation and jujube to oxygenate the tissues, with the most powerful anti-aging vitamin complex - anti-free-radical vitamin C, regenerative vitamin E, and retinol to stimulate the vital functions of the skin.

Distributed to spas across Europe, the Darphin three dimensional skincare concept combines phytobiology, aromatherapy and phytotherapy for its total wellbeing collection of cosmetology. The company states; “Arovita C will revolutionise anti-aging skincare regimes”.