Grace Point to Present Thalasso Spa Package

The award-winning Grace Point Resort in Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies, has created a unique Thalasso package to meet the growing demands of spa-going guests.

The Thalasso Spa at Point Grace Resort on Providenciales is a full-service European-style Thalassotherapy spa that combines its knowledge of famous the Thalgo Spas of France to present some of the best water-based spa treatments available in a Caribbean oceanfront environment.

The package, which includes seven nights in one of Grace Point’s exclusive Cottage Suites, also provides six hours of personalised Thalgo treatments together with options that range from One Island snorkeling to discover the outer islands and a de-stress massage on arrival, through to unlimited internet access.

Thalassotherapy treatments here use the properties of sea water as well as applications of sea mud and selected seaweed . During treatments, specialists trained in these European techniques perform therapies to naturally restore vital energy, and the treatment rooms are designed to allow doors and windows to be open to the ocean view and sea air. Each high-ceilinged suite is fitted with massage table, marble sinks and an open-roofed shower.

This simple, naturally beautiful environment blends well with spa manager, Edmone`s French-influenced philosophy of wellness therapy. She says, “I believe in a pure, natural approach without the need for artifice. Professionalism, the knowledge that comes through our hands and the best products are all that is needed”.