Has Cellfood Found the Organic Answer?

Spa treatments and products can very often find the alternative answer for clients suffering with skin conditions and seasonal reactions, which is largely why Cellfood is being so well-received by the spa market.

Currently hailed as the new miracle skin supplement for allergic reactions, Oxygel Cellfood is the result of advances in scientific research and the creation of unique organic products that addresses a wide range of allergy and skin complaints.

Made from all-natural plant substances, it contains dissolved oxygen, plus 78 major and trace elements, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and Aloe Vera. It is so effective at reducing skin ailments due to the oxygenation and mineralisation of the skin with dramatic results within a week. Oxygel can be use for effective relief against skin ailments caused by allergies, eczema and any problematic skin areas.

Another product within the range to receive rave reviews in the British press is Cellfood - The Panacea. A recent feature in the Daily Mail reported on how it could dramatically improve the lives of more than 5.1 million asthma sufferers in the UK and help the body’s metabolism to fight disease on a daily basis.

Cellfood works by generating new oxygen in the body as it separates the oxygen and hydrogen in water molecules in the cells. These cells go on to stimulate cellular respiration and provide energy. Additionally, the hydrogen builds, solidifies and repairs tissues and the immune system, but unlike many oxygen supplements, Cellfood does not flood the body with oxygen creating dangerous free radicals.


Twenty four drops taken daily, seven days a week can help to:
?Improve metabolism

?Heal wounds

?Increase absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients

?Detoxify the body

?Relieve allergies

?Strengthen immunity

?Increase mental clarity

?Purify water



?Acne and other skin complaints

?Enhance athletic performance

Cellfood has been available since 1969 and is today sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Cellfood - and the Cellfood range of products - are the leading oxygen mineral supplements for humans, animals, the soil and water. They are made from natural substances, and have become powerful, natural and organic solutions for the 21st century.