Danubius Hotels Introduces Kneippness Treatments

Danubius Hotels Group is working in association with Kneipp Werke, Germany, to present a series of new services and natural cures for health, nutrition, movement and sport. The aim of the cures is to prevent the development of classical illnesses associated with todayå‘s lifestyles and decrease the symptoms of any already developed diseases.

Kneippness (Kneipp+Wellness=Kneipness) treatments are based on five principles of Sebastian Kneipp, which includes the pouring of cold and warm water in a stream over various parts of the body. Usually performed in a room specially constructed for this purpose; body packs, concoctions of herbs and relaxing aroma baths are also applied and supplemented by lifestyle and nutrition advice.

This innovative treatment programme is set to be a cross-cultural success in spas across the world, as the Kneipp principles are very similar to the approach on health and disease of the traditional Chinese medicine and the wellness principles originated in America.

The Kneippness packages present five important principles of Sebastian Kneipp`s (1821-1897) lifestyle therapy. These incorporate various water treatments with healthy nutrition, movement therapies, the use of herbs for the prevention of diseases, as well as achieving harmony of the soul. The company states; “We wish to reach the re-establishment of the balance of the soul by the exercises of the traditional Chinese medicine and the Indian therapies with T’ai chi, yoga and acupuncture, whereas the fitness of the body by gymnastic exercises will be achieved individually and in a group.”

Kneippness will be a totally unique experience for spa-goers, which starts in the early hours with baths at five a.m. This is followed by relaxing packs, and then, depending on the season and the weather, walking in the dewy grass or in the fresh snow. Breakfast includes herb tea, bakery products made from totally ground corn and other healthy supplements. After further pouring and treatments in the morning, a lunch of vegetables prepared on the basis of Kneipp recipes with fresh greens and fruits, is served. During the afternoon guests undergo relaxing and limbering-up massages, sunbathing and walking in the fresh air. “Our main purpose is to revive the long-forgotten good connection of the civilised man with the nature by the help of various stimuli during a complex Kneippness programme”, the company concludes.


The Danubius Hotels Kneippness programmes are currently available at the Danubius Thermal Hotel Margitsziget - Budapest and the Bio-Sport Hotel Lövér - Sopron.