Rogner-Bad Blumau Celebrates in True Spa Style

The official opening of the new hot springs extension, Vulkania, and the sixth birthday festivities of Rogner-Bad Blumau were celebrated with unique water displays recently at the internationally acclaimed spa resort in Austria.

The unforgettable event took place in front of the award-winning Rogner-Bad Blumau façade, whilst guests were not only treated to the first volcanic eruption of the new Vulkania world, but also enjoyed an impressive and grandiose water-laser-light and sound show.

“Visits to hot springs have been a long winter tradition, but with the new Vulkania area we find that we are now able offer attractions to Rogner-Bad Blumau that can create a summer full of fun and relaxation for all our guests,” said Alfred Hackl, the resort’s general manager.

Since its conception in 1997, Rogner-Bad Blumau, an outstanding architectural piece of art set in the hills of Eastern Styria, has become one of the most outstanding wellbeing spa resorts in Europe, famed for its pioneering philosophies, unique treatments, holistic therapies and hot spring spas.