Wildfitness Responds to Security Alerts in Kenya

Wildfitness, the spa, sport and adventure holiday company has issued a statement regarding the recent publicity that Kenya has received in view of the potential terrorist threat.

“We are monitoring the situation closely”, said Tara Wood, director of Wildfitness, which runs exclusive health and holistic courses at Watamu. “It is a small sleepy fishing village with a small Western population, 20 minutes drive from the nearest small town or tourism centre, and therefore a most unlikely target.” She concluded. 

We have received the following statements from the Kenya Tourist Board and Kenya Airways: 

“We do realise that this security alert is not uniquely Kenyan, terrorism is a global problem. The security alert given on the 15th May was directed at a British carrier - British Airways and we understand that the British Government had to take quick action. We feel that this is a direct short-term threat and we now have increased and fine tuned all airport security measures and are confident that services will soon return to normal”. The Kenya Airports Authority has heavily secured all flight paths into Kenyan airspace. “The flight paths in and out of the international airport have been heavily secured up to a 5km radius”, said Mrs Buyu, The Managing Director of Kenya Tourist Board.

In response to the global terrorism situation Kenya had already previously upgraded its air security measures by introducing 24-hour surveillance of approach routes into its airports and the establishment of a manned radar beacon near Nairobi`s international airport. The Government has met with the British High Commission to discuss a partnership in regard to monitoring and upgrading air security. Mrs. Buyu said that at least 40% of British tourists travelling to Kenya fly with a non-originating British carrier.


“Most other international carriers have continued to consider Kenya a safe destination and continue to fly direct to Nairobi and Mombasa airports”, said Mrs Buyu.
Mr Jake Grieves Cook - the Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Federation said that many British tourists currently holidaying in the country have continued to enjoy their holiday and were not deterred by the re-routing of British Airways from Kenya.
“All our hotels and travel operators have reassured our British guests that security levels have been increased at our airports and that the security of all guests is of utmost importance”.

The Kenyan Government is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that all visitors to the country feel safe and secure.

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