Thailand Spa Market Generates 85 Million Dollars

The results of a recent survey reveal that Thailand spas attracted 2.6 million international tourists last financial year and generated approximately 85 million dollars in revenue. The in-depth survey conducted by Intelligent Spas Pte Ltd, and endorsed by the Thai Spa Association, also reported the 230 spa facilities employed over 4,000 people.

The survey programme was designed and implemented by Intelligent Spas, an independent research company specialising in the spa industry. The in-depth, self-fill survey captured valuable information relating to spa type, treatments and services, infrastructure and equipment, technology, ownership and management, positioning and marketing, visitation and client profiles, human resources, advisors, training and education, financial analysis and forecasts, and trends and current issues.

Thailand Spa Industry Results

?Spa visits had increased by 64% over the last three years.

?Approximately 3.3 million people visited Thai spas during 2001/2002, 80% of which were international tourists.

?59% of spa visitors were female, 41% male.

?The majority of spas were located in a hotel or resort.

?Spas had eight private treatment rooms on average.

?Hotel spas had seven couples rooms compared to resort spas that had four on average.

?Employees were typically hired on a full time basis.

?On average, half of spa revenue was generated by massage services.

?The majority of spas forecasted an increase in revenue during the 2002/2003 period.

Intelligent Spas is currently rolling out the Spa Industry Survey Programme in major spa markets across the Asia Pacific region. It is the most comprehensive and consistent, multi-national spa survey ever conducted, and is critical to providing necessary statistics and information as the industry is generally experiencing rapid expansion.


Julie Garrow, Founding Director of Intelligent Spas stated, “The Thai spa industry primarily consists of hotel and resort spas. The findings provide spa facilities with valuable industry statistics to analyse their competitive environment and maximise their performance. The study also covers plans for consulting projects, facility profiles, level of technology and financial performance - critical information other organisations can use to better service and support the spa industry.”

Naphalai Areesorn, President of the Thai Spa Association, said the survey will be of great benefit to the Thai spa industry. “This is the first survey that has been done on the local spa industry and will help to provide some facts and figures. The Association is often asked about the size of the industry, the revenues generated, the number of staff involved, etc. - all important information for those interested in the industry - and we are never able to give an accurate answer. This report will change all that and we hope the survey will be carried out on an annual basis.”

This programme has been successfully implemented in Australia, Singapore and Thailand. Other country surveys across the region are currently underway and will be available shortly.


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Article Date - [ 19/03/03 ]