Wildfitness Presents Kenyan Yoga Retreat

In December 2003 Checkie å- the renown yoga teacher, masseur and healer will be running a special Wildfitness Yoga Retreat at Baraka House. 

Set on the idyllic Kenyan coast, the Wildfitness concept turns Kenya’s sandy white beaches and warm Indian Ocean into a holistic playground. Watamu boasts a place in the top ten beaches of the world, set opposite coral reefs, within indigenous forest and adjacent to Mida creek reserve.

Checkie is qualified from the Boulderstone School of LifeForceHealing, which declares; “Many alternative therapies understand that disruptions in the energy flow of the Life Force precedes any injury or illness of the body. What is revolutionary about Life Force Healing is that we listen directly to that disruption in energy flow and hold the conditions necessary for the disruption to right itself. Disease is therefore cured at source. Life Force Yoga is a way of practising this energy correction, through traditional postures, pranayama and meditation, thereby maintaining optimum health.”

Wildfitness, the activity, adventure and health holiday concept has received critical acclaim, most recently, this review in the English Sunday Express: “During the course I experienced every physical emotion, from tiredness to invigoration, but my energy levels increased dramatically. Perhaps, most vitally, my spirits were lifted.’’ Jane Memmler, Sunday Express, March 2003. 

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Article Date - [ 22/01/03 ]