Aquae Sulis Launches Aroma Spa Facial Collection

One of the UKå‘s dedicated spa companies, Aquae Sulis, has developed an exclusive new collection å- the Aroma Spa Facial Range.

The Aroma Facial products, which are essential oil-based rather than mineral-based, have been introduced to compliment the existing Freshwater Mineral Spa treatment products. This exciting new launch incorporates a select range of pure essential oils created specifically for normal and combination ski types and comprises, Aroma Spa Facial Skin Tonic, Aroma Spa Facial Moisturiser - Day Cream, Facial Eye Treatment and Aroma Spa Facial Oil.

The company comments, “We have designed an advanced range of skincare products, sourcing the finest quality spa ingredients from around the UK, to create a refreshing blend of floral and plant extracts that stimulate the senses and evoke a sense of balance and wellbeing.”

Aquae Sulis has also launched new promotional material as a direct result of re-branding its highly successful corporate image.

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Article Date - [ 13/08/02 ]